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WHALES AND DOLPHINSPrice per person: $63, special prices for groups and residentsGroup: minimum 01 - maximum 18Start time: 8:30 AM - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: safe parking, bilingual guide, fruit, water, snorkel equipment, park admission and a lot of fun.Description: Leaves from Punta Uvita, Marino Ballena National Park. Travel to the Whale’s Tail, Isla Ballena, and the caves at Ventanas Beach for snorkeling and sightseeing. Wath whales, dolphins, turtles, and rays.WILDLIFE AND SNORKELINGPrice per person: $55 - Group: minimum 04, maximum 12Start time: according to tides - Duration: 2 hoursPrice includes: free pickup, tropical fruit, water, bilingual guide, park fee. Description: Marino Ballena National Park harbors a lot of wildlife and the largest coral reef on the pacic coast of Central America. the tour takes you to places difcult to nd, near the Whales Tail reef and Isla Ballena. After the tour spend the rest of the day enjoying the beauties of the park.CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARKPrice per person: $110 - Group: minimum 01, maximum 08Start time: 07:00 AM - Duration: Full DayPrice includes: park admission, lunch and snacks, water, and soft drinks - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: tour departs from Sierpe Village. During the trip you can observe the wildlife of the mangroves and swamps of the Sierpe River delta. At the Corcovado Park´s San Pedrillo Station the guide takes you on a hike through the jungle and river mouth to wath wildlife and plants. Snorkeling on request.CANO ISLANDPrice per person: $135 - Group: minimum 01 maximum 18Start time: 6:30 AM - Duration: Full DayPrice includes: Biological Reserve admission fee, sandwiches, snacks, lunch, water, soft drinks, bilingual guide, humpback whale watching in season. Description: Tour departs from the village of Sierpe through the swamps and mangroves of the Sierpe river delta. The boat will take you snorkeling on the famous reefs near Cano Island. Emerge into the wonderous underwaterworld!SCUBA DIVINGPrice per person: $175 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 06Start time: 07:00 AM - Duration: Full TimePrice includes: lunch and snacks, water, and soft drinks - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: Tour departs from Uvita or Sierpe exploring the mangroves and swamps of the Sierpe river delta. Two dives, two tanks at the world-famous reefs at Cano Island - sharks, whales, tropical sh and more! All levels of classes available at various prices. Packages available for multi-day dives or to get your certication.WHITE WATER RAFTINGPrice per person: $95 - Group: minimum 04, maximum 09Start time: 6:30 am or 8:00 am - Duration: 5 to 9 hoursPrice includes: all necessary equipment, bilingual guide.Description: Pick your level and enjoy the ride! Savegre River: 5 hours. class 2 and 3, great for beginners. Swim at a waterfall, light lunch on the river. Then, another hour of rafting. Coto Brus river: 9 hours. Class 3 and 4, no children. 1.5-hour wild ride, then lunch, followed by two more hours of rafting!Enjoy OSA

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CANOPY ZIP LINESPrice per person: $45 - Group: minimum 01, maximum 40Start time: 8:00 am, 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm - Duration: 2 hoursPrice includes: all equipment, bilingual guide, transportation available for an extra charge.Description: Get tted with your helmet and harness, then off you go! Start with a short tour of the rain forest, spotting birds and animals. Then, upto  the  rst  platform  for  a  jungle  ride  -  14  stations  send  you  through  thetreetops, across ravines, and mountains!HORSEBACK RIDINGPrice per person: $58 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 08Start time: upon request -  Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: friendly tour guide, saddled horsesDescription: Take horseback riding through the mountains, jungles, or beaches! Start early for birdwatching, monkeys, and other wildlife - stopat a remote waterfall for a swim or start late for a sunset ride on the beach!MANGROVES WILDLIFEPrice per person:  $68. special price for groups - Group: min. 02, max. 12Start time: 3:00PM - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: a bilingual guide, fruit, water - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: Sierpe River day trip or sunset cruise through the swamps and mangroves - watch the jungle around you come alive with the growingdarkness! Enjoy from the comfort of a catamaran boat. A great end to aperfect day!NIGHT HIKEPrice per person: $55 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 08Start time: 5:00 PM - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: a specialized bilingual guide, snack, water, and juice - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: Watch the sunset, then discover the creatures during a night  hike in the jungle: night plants, spiders, frogs, and snakes! Your specializedguide will keep you safe and sound exploring the rain forest!NAUYACA WATERFALL NATURE PARKPrice per person: $35. Transportation available for an extra charge.Group: minimum 01, maximum 20Start time: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm – Duration: according to your preferencePrice includes: Trolley ride from the reception to the nature park and hiking trails, admission fee, parking, bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, hikingtrails through a primary rain forest.Description: Enjoy the epic beauty of; the Costa Rican natural wonder in a beautiful, privately owned nature preserve with clean, modern facilities androads that provide the best access to Nauyaca waterfall. Enjoy a swim inthe beautiful natural pool!SPORT FISHINGPrice:  Half Day $575 – Full Day $950 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 06Start time: 7:00 AM  -  Duration: 4 - 7 hoursPrice includes: all necessary equipment, park admittance fee, water, snacks, fruit, beverages, lunch (full day option) bilingual guide.Description: The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is one of the most exciting destinations in the world for shing. After a short 45-minute trip, you will beready to chase a fantastic variety of coastal species. All the boats can sheither offshore or inshore because of our generally calm sea conditions.Enjoy  OSA

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CONTENT GUIDE # 2Map Costa Ballena . . . . . . . Editorial . . . . . . . . .Enjoy Osa . . . . . . . . COSTA BALLENA . . . . . . .DOMINICAL . . . . . . . . Itellum The Best Internet on the Pacic Coast - Estela Castellanos. . . . . . . The Boruca Gallery Gift Shop – Susan Atkinson . . The Majestic River Baru – Jack Ewing . . .Safety in Costa Ballena – Greg Gordon . . .Saying Pura Vida – Rosemary McGregor (RIP) . UVITA . . . . . . . . . . . Where to Eat . . . . . . . . .Four Years Restaurant Mosaic – Casey Siemasko Discover Your Dream – Karol Barboza . . . Price Auto Sales NOW in Uvita – Doug Price Uvita Urgent Care at the New Vita Plaza – D Reinhard . . . . . . . . .Welcome Summer! – Beth SylverBallena Tales – A Success Story – D Reinhard .NEW Marine Conservation and Education Center Ojochal – Ali Rubin . . . . . . . .OJOCHAL . . . . . . . . . .Massimo Capra: When I Cook, it Just Happens – Chiara Koll . . . . . . . . . .Where to Eat . . . . . . . . .A Good Realtor – Alexandra Luty . . . .High Season Here We Come – Captain Willy Atencio . . . . . . 020506081012141618202224252830333436404244454650NEED A TAXI, BUS ORNEED A TAXI, BUS ORDELIVERY SERVICE ?DELIVERY SERVICE ?GOING TO THE GOING TO THE BEACH ?BEACH ?TIDE CHARTSTIDE CHARTSLOOKING FOR A TOUR?

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5Welcome to Costa Ballena, a land of wonderouslandscapes, different in every valley with views over the oceans, the extensive river mouths, or the mountains. You can spend your day hiking, biking, bathing in the sea, or just basking in the sun. You can choose from the tours that Enjoy Osa has prepared for you. You sure will nd the activity to your liking! Visit the towns along the highway, Domincal by the majestic Barú River, a surfer town with the best waves all year long, Uvita, where you can nd all services and supplies for your stay. Uvita-Bahía is the access to the Marino Ballena National Park, home of the famous whale´s tail. Over the centuries, this tail formation was formed by the force of the two river mouths, River Morete and the Uvita River. Two different migrations of whales from the South Pole and the other from the North Pole arrive here with their calves. During these months (January to March and July to September), many visitors take their whale tours to observe the gentle giants from near. After your excursión, you will be starving. There is much choice in town, from typical Costarrican, novelle Mediterranean, French, Costa Rican, Chinese, and even cuisine with an Austrian touch. On your way to Ojochal, a French Canadian enclave where you will nd many inhabitants who speak French, you can stop at the Marine Conservation and Education Center (MCEC). The center is newly inaugurated and well provided with audio-visual programs and offers excellent educational ocean tours. In Ojochal, you have an incredible offer by the high cuisine French restaurants: People travel from all over the world to indulge their well-developed palates. Massimo Capra, a world-renowned Chef who was intrigued by the fame of this South Pacic village, came to nd out by himself and was surprised. From the heights of Ojochal, you can overlook the tumultuous river basin, where the Terraba, Balsar, and Tortuga Rivers converge. Do you like shing your own sh? Just a few hours south at Drake´s Bay on the peaceful, stunningly beautiful Golfo Dulce, the experienced, well-equipped Reel Escape Fishing team is awaiting you to practice catch and reléase. To get there, you can take a boat from Sierpe or travel South along the Panamerican Highway, turning off by Chacarita (only 4x4). Enjoy your stay; the hospitable people of Costa Ballena make you feel very welcome. Pura Vida!EDITORIAL TEAM DAGMAR REINHARD Editor in Chief(506) 8914 1568 / 2743 8778ballenatales@gmail.comART & DESIGNPOINTING MARKETAÑÑESKA ARRIECHE R.anneska@ballenatales.comDIGITAL COORDINATORCARLOS LEÓNcarlos@ballenatales.comCONTRIBUTORS: ALEXANDRA LUTYALI RUBIN BETH SYLVERCAPTAIN WILLY ATENCIO CASEY SIEMASKOCARLOS LEONCHIARA KOLL DAGMAR REINHARDDOUG PRICE ESTELA CASTELLANOSGREG GORDON JACK EWING KAROL BARBOZA ROSEMARY MCGREGOR (RIP)SUSIE ATKINSON MAP DESIGNCAMALEON ESTUDIOPHOTOGRAPHY BALLENA TALES PHOTOGRAPHYCONECAT JACK EWINGINNOCEANA OSA TROPICAL PROPERTIES COVER PHOTOIDESIGN COSTA BALLENA NEXT EDITION PRINT GUIDE IIIJune 2022 EDITORIAL

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2Río BarucitoRío BarúRíoBarúRío GuaboRío DiamanteRío MoreteRío UvitaRío ToritoLas TumbasTinamastesSan Juan de DiosLagunaPunto MiraCañaBlancaLa AlfombraAlto deSan JuanInteramericana SurSAN JOSÉProvinciaPÉREZ ZELEDÓNBarúQUEPOSSan SalvadorPlatanilloSanta JuanaCascada BarúCascadaSan LuisCascadaSan Diamante243343434243Océano PacíficoPunta DominicalPlaya DominicalitoEscalerasEscalerasVillageSEWNPunta UvitaPlaya DominicalPunta AchiotePlaya HermosaPlaya BallenaPlaya Colonia(Chamán)Playa PiñuelaPlaya VentanasPlaya TortugaPlaya Hermosa(comunidad)BahíaPlazaVentanasSan LuisUvitaOjochalParque Nacional Marino BallenaMarino Ballena National ParkDominical35430620191215311281223101695213132221782718graphic & map design by: camaleonestudio.com2 km26292572414Que hacerWhat to do       SimbologíaSymbologyDirectorio ComercialBusiness DirectoryEscanee el código QR y obtenga más información y direcciones de G MapsScan the QR code and get Access tomore information and G Map LocationsAlojamiento / Lodging4. Cuna del Angel __________________8540 4307 1. Cascada Verde __________________2743 8191 9. Cristal Ballena ___________________8390 6863 Restaurantes / Restaurants4. La Palapa (Hotel Cuna del Angel) __8540 4307 14. Scala Restaurant_________________8805 8172 20. Beehive_________________________4702 3939 15. Mosaic Wine Bar & Café __________2215 0068 2. SimbiOsa _______________________2105 2541 7. Sibú Uvita_______________________8948 7986 18. Le French Café __________________2201 8253 21. Ginger House ___________________2743 8182 9. Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena) _________8390 6863 30. Ballena Bistro ___________________2786 5407 13. Citrus __________________________2786 5175 31. Sud ____________________________4701 0110 35. Pancito Café ____________________2786 5774 Actividades / Activities28. Hacienda Ébano _________________8624 5757 22. Innoceana MCEC ________________8617 2491 Fish Drake Bay (Drake) _____ +1 404-641-0608 Servicios / Services10. Ballena Tales ____________________8914 1568 10. Enjoy Osa _______________________8946 713416. Price Auto Sales _________________8916 1880 6. Pacific Coast Law________________8434 7459 8. Bahía Ballena Doctors ____________8833 6431 17. Mora y Valdez ___________________8835 9009 17. Uvita Urgent Care ________________8732 5555 18. My Design ______________________8305 327032. Off Road Kings __________________8658 1090 19. Body Revitalization Institute _______7082 0136 23. We Sell Paradise / REMAX ________8723 0795 29. Tropical Investment ______________8833 7895 25. Tecno Soluciones H ______________8492 9067 26. El ___________________8411 8807 27. Osa Tropical Properties ___________8701 779713San JoséCOSTA RICALiberiaJacóQueposPalmar SurGolfitoNICARAGUAMarCaribeOcéano PacíficoTárcolesTárcolesSan IsidroP.Z.DOMINICALUVITAOJOCHALCOSTABALLENAProvinciaPUNTARENASSan Josecito

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2Río BarucitoRío BarúRíoBarúRío GuaboRío DiamanteRío MoreteRío UvitaRío ToritoLas TumbasTinamastesSan Juan de DiosLagunaPunto MiraCañaBlancaLa AlfombraAlto deSan JuanInteramericana SurSAN JOSÉProvinciaPÉREZ ZELEDÓNBarúQUEPOSSan SalvadorPlatanilloSanta JuanaCascada BarúCascadaSan LuisCascadaSan Diamante243343434243Océano PacíficoPunta DominicalPlaya DominicalitoEscalerasEscalerasVillageSEWNPunta UvitaPlaya DominicalPunta AchiotePlaya HermosaPlaya BallenaPlaya Colonia(Chamán)Playa PiñuelaPlaya VentanasPlaya TortugaPlaya Hermosa(comunidad)BahíaPlazaVentanasSan LuisUvitaOjochalParque Nacional Marino BallenaMarino Ballena National ParkDominical35430620191215311281223101695213132221782718graphic & map design by: camaleonestudio.com2 km26292572414Que hacerWhat to do SimbologíaSymbologyDirectorio ComercialBusiness DirectoryEscanee el código QR y obtenga más información y direcciones de G MapsScan the QR code and get Access tomore information and G Map LocationsAlojamiento / Lodging4. Cuna del Angel __________________8540 43071. Cascada Verde __________________2743 81919.Cristal Ballena ___________________8390 6863Restaurantes / Restaurants4. La Palapa (Hotel Cuna del Angel) __8540 430714. Scala Restaurant_________________8805 817220.Beehive_________________________4702 393915.Mosaic Wine Bar & Café __________2215 00682. SimbiOsa _______________________2105 25417.Sibú Uvita_______________________8948 798618.Le French Café __________________2201 825321. Ginger House ___________________2743 81829.Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena)_________8390 686330.Ballena Bistro ___________________2786 540713.Citrus __________________________2786 517531.Sud ____________________________4701 011035.Pancito Café ____________________2786 5774Actividades / Activities28. Hacienda Ébano _________________8624 575722. Innoceana MCEC ________________8617 2491Fish Drake Bay (Drake) _____ +1 404-641-0608Servicios / Services10. Ballena Tales ____________________8914 156810. Enjoy Osa _______________________8946 713416. Price Auto Sales_________________8916 18806.Pacific Coast Law________________8434 74598. Bahía Ballena Doctors ____________8833 643117.Mora y Valdez ___________________8835 900917.Uvita Urgent Care ________________8732 555518. My Design ______________________8305 327032.Off Road Kings __________________8658 109019.Body Revitalization Institute _______7082 013623.We Sell Paradise / REMAX ________8723 079529. Tropical Investment ______________8833 789525. Tecno Soluciones H ______________8492 906726. El ___________________8411 880727.Osa Tropical Properties ___________8701 779713San JoséCOSTA RICALiberiaJacóQueposPalmar SurGolfitoNICARAGUAMarCaribeOcéano PacíficoTárcolesTárcolesSan IsidroP.Z.DOMINICALUVITAOJOCHALCOSTABALLENAProvinciaPUNTARENASSan Josecito

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8Costa Ballena, a String of Most Precious Beads, eachPerl a Long-stretched Beach. The Beaches of Costa Ballena are lined up like pearls on a thread along the pristine coastline. Each has its quite contrasting characteristics for you to explore and always wanting to return to your favorite waterfront.You can swim in the shallow waters. You can also walk on the sandy beach or along the shaded paths of the Ballena National Marine Park. Kayaking into the caves is a great adventure. Enjoy a picnic under the shade of a coconut tree, and watch the crabs and seabirds. It will make you forget your stress and worries.However, be very careful with the ocean; most of the South Pacic coast has strong currents. If you happen to be caught by a wave that pulls you out to the sea, let yourself go and try to swim back parallel to the beach. Water temperatures in the South Pacic are between 23 to 28 degrees C, making them ideal for water sports. Before you sit down for your picnic under a palm, look up, and make sure the coconuts are not right above you. Otherwise, they could fall on your head.From North to South you can visit the public beaches mentioned below:Playa Dominical - Playa Dominicalito - Punta Dominical Roca de Amancio - Punta de Achiote Playa HermosaThe following beaches belong to the treasured Marino Ballena National Park, fee: $6 foreign visitors and 1,000 colones for Costarricans: Punta Uvita Playa Chamán / Colonia Playa Arco Playa Ballena Playa Piñuelas (closed)Playa Ventanas and Playa Tortuga are public beaches. COSTA BALLENAA String of Most Precious Beaches

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10DOMINICALThroughout my travels, I’ve searched for locations ca-pable of providing the best in day-to-day lifestyle. For me, good quality of living includes environmental cleanliness, social interaction, access to leisure activities, and health & safety. When you can nd all of this in close proximity, or better yet, your daily life becomes more accessible and more enjoyable within a few hundred meters. Domini-cal has these essential components of healthy living. For example, the surf is a great activity. I recommend it.The action in Dominical has always been focused around the beach. Typical of surf towns, the beach is the focal point, and all commercial businesses line the access roads. Every friday Eco Feria. As a result, the town is more clustered, allowing for easy access to a variety of options from dining, shopping, socializing, and wellness without the need for transportation. Dominical is unique from oth-er surf towns because of the lush jungle-covered moun-tains split by clean, cool rivers that encompass the area. The frequent rains replenish our water sourc-es; the jungle continuously pumps out fresh ox-ygen and a bountiful supply of fresh produce that oods the local farmer’s market each week. The Good Life – All in a Few Hundred MetersAUTHOR: TREVOR BROWN

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11Within a short walk, you can cool off in a couple ofnearby swimming holes, nd some shade in the jungle, or spend your day on the beach. Surng, kayaking, sh-ing, soccer, yoga, tness, and other versions of recreation are all at your ngertips. The ocean is warm, the river is cool, and life on a tropical beach cannot get much better.At the beginning of the year, the South Pacic Costa Rica experiences dry summer conditions. During this time, the Barú River carries a minimal amount of water. The storms and the transfer of energy from the waves also stop.The river’s mouth is saturated with sand from the heavy rains, and now the calm seas gently push the sand back up onto the mellow beaches throughout the summer. You will notice that the beach at Domini-cal has much more sand during the summer months. There are very few tropical destinations in the world with waves as consistent as Dominical. With a healthy environ-ment to back it, a good community, and all the amenities you need within a short walk, Dominical will continue to showcase as a surf destination with a high quality of living.

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Life on the coast has extraordinary things to enjoy,such as a surng lifestyle, unforgettable sunsets, and the pleasure of living surrounded by nature. Connectivity to the internet is always necessary for people enjoying life on the coast and for the companies providing all sorts of services. Understanding this, Itellum has developed a powerful plan to be the regional leader in Premium Symmetric one-on-one internet. They are offering services in strategic areas to impact communities and their growth. We want to bring connectivity so all restaurants, hotels, people having a vacation, local commerce, and others can enjoy what is really having a top-quality internet connection. We have been operating in Costa Rica since 2011, being the rst operator to handle the concept of international 1: 1 symmetry, improving response times and global latency for all our clients. We have different international exit routes through both oceans. We can provide connectivity services at a regional level in Central America and several countries in South America, the US, and Mexico.With a focus on the client like no other provider and a quality standard that distinguishes us from the rst contact, our proposal is really specialized in the country’s coastal areas. We feel the satisfaction of taking the businesses and projects of these communities seriously. Itellum provides a service level agreement with 99.50% stability of the services and NOC of support 24/7/365.We have a clear goal, which until today has been completed successfully, to be able to fully satisfy all the needs of our clients and provide them with a value beyond what their expectations dictate. We collect success stories throughout the country because we have a clear focus, not skimp on our characteristics; that is why all our connections are symmetrical, redundant, and never oversubscribed.Itellum provides links to local and international data capacity, and we have a tier 3 data center for the placement of servers for disaster recovery cases or database backup. When you think of Itellum, you think of a truly premium service, which eliminates the frustrating negotiations with providers who don’t understand the importance of always being connected. Itellum also is on the way to having the rst satellite internet available in Costa Rica. For more information, visit our website BEST INTERNET ON THE PACIFIC COASTAUTHOR: ESTELA CASTELLANOS

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INTERNET iEVOLVING UVITA! EXPANDING THE FASTEST ¢ sutel v

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14Boruca Gallery Gift Shop is located at PacicEdge Eco Retreat in Dominicalito, just south of Playa Dominical. The gift shop has grown thru its’ 28 years, having a wide collection of intricate hand-carved and nely painted masks/wall hangings. The Borucans have become very detailed relief carvers. Relief carvings have a at back and the image carved in three dimensions, obtaining unbelievable depths, all from one piece of wood using either balsa or cedar. There are three distinct styles, diablo, ecological, or a combination of the two. Each tells a specic story about Borucan culture representing the blending of the traditional and contemporary styles. The Gallery also carries many styles of hand-woven products made on the labor-intensive backstrap loom using only naturally dyed 100% cotton, such as placemats, runners, totes, yoga mat carriers, and beach bags.Our Gallery works closely with the village, being one of the largest buyers; from 2015 – 2019, we have bought and sold 1700 masks and nearly 1200 woven products at a fair-trade price. However, come 2020, everything changed; the village went into complete lockdown. The Borucans went back to living as they did in the past, living off the land and the crops they grow. They survived. The village has now reopened with precautions.At the beginning of 2021, Pacic Edge Eco Lodge acquired new owners Sid, Michaelynn, and Kaiya Vandiver. Michaelynn has carried on the passion for the Borucan artwork reopening the Gallery Gift Shop. Having traveled to the village several times to meet the wonderful artists, the Gallery is once again a signicant buyer and has grown by investing in new display cases that show off the hand-woven products and refreshed bamboo walls displaying the many masks.Fair-trade pricing means that not only the Borucans get paid a reasonable price directly, and the buyer does not get charged an enormous mark-up. The Gallery wants to keep the money ow going into the Borucan village as 80% of their income is generated from their handcrafted products. Our stock is constantly changing; there are always new products available. At any one time, there are 25 - 40 unique masks ranging in price from $18 to $225, along with all the beautiful woven goods priced at $10 - $110.Stop by The Gallery to learn about the local indigenous Borucan folklore and, of course, to meet the new owners and see all the refreshing improvements at Pacic Edge.If possible, please text or call rst to make sure someone is there to assist you.THE BORUCA GALLERY GIFT SHOPAUTHOR: SUSIE ATKINSON

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+506 6315 9922Instagram: awa.oliWednesday: El Mercado Bahía Daily: Domincal Beach BoulevardOLI VALERIO Costarican Jewelry Designer, AWA.Silver, brass, natural stones and macrame.Art inspired in my travels around the world.

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16In the mountains above the San Juan de Dios town runsthe Caña Blanca River, which ows into the Guabo River, which later ows into the Barú River in Barú. About ten kilometers southeast near Las Tumbas and San Salvador, we nd the river basin representing the main arm of the Barú.The Barú consists of two rivers, the Diamante and the Barucito. The Diamante, in turn, receives a large part of its water from the Torito River. The Barú River source is located near La Florida’s village between the Tinamastes and Alivio ridges, about 700 meters above sea level and about 20 kilometers upstream from the Pacic. It is the longest of the eight rivers that arise between the Tinamastes ridge and the coast.The river carries only a small amount of water; it turns into a torrent in the rainy season. In the tropical summer (December - April), reserve a kayak or stand-up paddling tour, take a surng lesson, or appreciate the beauty of the Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park for yourself! GRAND BARÚ RIVERAUTHOR: JACK EWING

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18Concerning safety in our coastal communities, hereis another story I’ve heard. “We were on this beautiful beach with no one around so we left our beach bag on our towel and walked down to the ocean for a dip. Right after I ducked my head under the water, I looked back and saw a man picking up my bag and then running back into the jungle.”If you are at any beach, not just in Costa Rica, then you should not leave your belongings unattended. If there is someone nearby who looks trustworthy, I’ll ask them to watch it. I’m talking of a towel and ops, not a phone or passport though. You can leave your passport in a safe in your hotel and take a picture of the front page and the page with the entry stamp. Of course, you could leave your phone in the safe, too, but the reality is the phone is often coming with us. For the beach, I would bring a plastic sealable bag, like a bag for granola, and I’d put the phone in that. That’s for random rain shower protection and if someone looked on my towel, they are going to see a bag of granola, not the phone. Then if I had to leave my towel and my bag for a few minutes, and no one was around, I would dig a hole and put the phone in it and then cover it back up with my towel. I would actually dig two holes so it would take longer for someone to gure out where the phone was. Most thieves hide in the shade just off the sand and wait for you to jump in the water.They will run out, grab the bag, and run back into the trees. So if you cannot bury your bag, at least take it with you as far as you can from the tree line so they have farther to run to get it.STAY SAFE ON THE BEACHAUTHOR: GREG GORDON

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   Sece.       l   •X   •-   + 7$  � . 

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20PURA VIDAWhen you ask a Tico, “Como le va?” they will invariablyanswer, “Pura Vida.” We Americans ask, “Hi, how are you” and we always get the answer, “Fine, thank you.” What’s the difference?According to a measure of Happiness, the New Economics Foundation, in measuring how efciently a country consumes ecological resources to support a given level of happiness, has picked Costa Rica to be number one. The United States is number 114.Translated, this index measures the number of years of a happy life based on satisfaction and life expectancy. Quite complicated, but this is determined by how much land one has or needs for one’s source requirements and absorption of CO2 emissions from the products used. Costa Rica embodies a happy population that uses few natural resources.Getting back to Pura Vida. You can ask a Tico anytime about himself, and he will respond or end the conversation with Pura Vida. They seem to know something we don’t comprehend. While the United States is based on consumerism, Tico’s life is like a recent parable I encountered in which a father took his son on a trip to see how the poor people lived. Upon their return, the father asked the son what he had learned from the trip.The son responded:I saw that we had one dog, and they had four.We have a pool that reaches the middle of our garden, and they have a creek with no end.We have imported lanterns in our garden, and they have the stars at night.Our patio reaches the front yard, and they have the whole horizon.We have a small piece of land to live on, and they have elds that go beyond our sight.We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs.We have walls around our property to protect us, and they have friends to protect them.Some people are grateful for what they have and do not worry about, striving for what they don’t have. With the advent of Kafka and the changes in the Tico mentality, we see a shift in attitude. “Pura Vida” in San Jose is not said as often as in the countryside. That is another article or chapter on Social Change in Costa Rica.While reading about Yongey Mingyur Rimpoche, the Tibetan lama who has been dubbed “the happiest man in the world,” I quickly connected to the Tico and his solving all his problems at the moment by saying “Pura Vida.”Yongey Rimpoche has written a book on “Joyful Wisdom.” His background is one of anxiety and challenging times in a remote Himalayan village lacking most amenities. He suffered years of panic attacks and anxiety. Like the Ticos,Rinpoche has studied and practiced the art of well-being and is nally, in his life, at a point where he can “switch” from being irritated or upset, anxious about an issue to laughing, being happy, and instead enthusiastic. His brain has shifted from high activation in the right prefrontal lobe and amygdala, a region important for hypervigilance typical of those under stress, to increased activation of the left prefrontal cortex, the upbeat, positive, engaging, enthusiastic, and energetic side of the brain.I say “Switch” because, with years of practice, a strengthening or increasing neural pathways can take place, overriding and inhibiting messages from the amygdala that drive disturbing emotions. With practice, this switch can be a conscious choice, an ability to override a negative. Is this what happens with years and years of conditioning in the Tico, who very much lives in his left prefrontal “happy” cortex, smiling and repeating many times a daily his mantra, “Pura Vida.”Does Saying PURA VIDA Change Your Brain?AUTHOR: ROSEMARY MACGREGOR

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 . 73

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22Uvita in Costa Ballena, South Pacic Costa Rica, isdeveloping by leaps and bounds. This multicultural community has become an important commercial and business center amid the most beautiful scenery.You will nd unique tours, sophisticated gourmet restaurants and cozy eateries with typical food, hotels with all facilities, cabins, and eco-lodges with stunning views of the Pacic Ocean, as well as banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, car repair shops, information centers, beauty salons, and real estate ofces.Once you settle at your place of choice; what are you planning on doing with so much sunshine and tropical beauty? We suggest you explore!Visit Marino Ballena National Park. The famous Whale’s Tail is located at Punta Uvita, with a length of about 2296 feet and a width of 820 feet; it is the world’s third-largest sandbank. During the low tide, you can walk to its very end.Foreign tourists pay $6 entrance fee to the park, and national visitors pay $2 (no cash accepted). Please save your receipt because you can use it on the same day to visit the Colonia and Ballena beaches further south.Take a four-hour kayaking tour in the national park, you can paddle, swim, and snorkel along the coral reef, walk on the whale ́s tail and enter the mysterious world of the mangroves in Bahía. You can experience all the different ecosystems this unique marine park has to offer in one perfect tour.Excellent surng beaches are Hermosa, Chamán, and Ventanas. A surfer said: “once you have surfed Playa Chamán, you will never be able to leave Uvita.” That is what happened to him and so many others. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, visit the Farmers’ Market; it is where the locals meet. If you are an avid reader, visit the UCL, Uvitas second-hand bookstore next to the Tracopa bus stop. For ten years, Uvita was the home of the world-famous Envision Festival. UVITACosta Ballena, Costa Rica

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23In Uvita´s stores, you can buy everything you need. There are restaurants for all tastes and hotels for any budget. There are also tness centers, a post ofce, doctors, pharmacies, a police station, and beauty salons.Adventuring a few kilometers up to the mountains on dirt roads, you will nd rivers and waterfalls cascading from the heights into small pools. The rainforest full of squawking, chirping, and buzzing of cicadas merges with the bubbling sound of streaming water. A bright blue morpho buttery is bouncing with dazzling iridescent wings. Hummingbirds hover over heliconia owers, rays of sunlight pierce through the forest canopy, and the vines turn upwards to nd the light. From afar, you can hear the hoarse screams of Howler monkeys and the late-day chatter of the green parrots making their way home.Back at the town center, there are no trafc jams, just the Pura Vida lifestyle! You have arrived at the biggest town of Costa Ballena: Welcome to Uvita!

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24300 m North of the Gas Station6 km South of Uvita next to Ballena BeachHotel Cristal Ballena 600 m from BCR towards the Uvita WaterfallPlaza Bahia Moana Calle Ballena - Bahia+506 2215 0068+506 2215 0068+506 2201 8253WINE BAR • CAFE • SUSHI French Savoir FaireRestaurant, Bakery & Pastry ShopFresh Fusion Dishes Vegan and Gluten Fre Options+506 2786 5407Mediterranean RestaurantBar and BoutiqueWHERE TO EAT UVITAEveryday 7am - 9 pmSun Brunch: 9 am - 4 pmMon to Sat 11am -9 pmMon to Sat 11am - 10pmSunday 11 am - 8 pmClosed Tuesday+506 8390 6863+506 8390 0130Everyday 11 am - 8 pmReserve for DinnerPlaya Ballena Km Marker 170, Costanera SurSeafood, Casados, PastasFresh TunaInternational Food withAustrian TouchTue to Sun 11 am - 4 pmFri & Sat Dinner till 8 pmEveryday 7 am - 5 pmReserve for Dinner

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25Humans aren’t very logical creatures. Sure, we like topretend we’re rational beings. But as it turns out, our emotions drive more than 80% of our decision-making.You probably already know this, though. Maybe it’s why you bought that plane ticket to Costa Rica in the rst place. Or perhaps it’s why you still call Costa Ballena home all these years later.There was a denitive feeling you couldn’t ignore: an emotional pull to explore this patch of paradise, where lush jungle dissolves into unblemished beaches and sun-dappled afternoons give way to zesty cocktails at sundown. If you know, well — you know. It’s now been four years since I opened Mosaic, and there’s still a question I hear on a near-daily basis:“What made you want to open a sushi and wine bar in Costa Rica, anyway?”My honest answer?I have no idea. There was absolutely no logical reason why I should open a restaurant in the jungle. I had no experience working in the industry, save for a quick stint at a pizza place as a teen. Plus, I was already busy enough growing a digital marketing agency.But those pesky, decision-driving emotions are hard to quell once they rise to the surface. Again — if you know, you know. What started as a whim quickly became an unshakeable mission: Create a comfortable space to relax with good food, great wine, and even better company. My initial ideations for Mosaic were quite different — and much less ambitious — than what we ultimately created. I suppose that’s a blessing, or else logic might have made its rare appearance and stopped me in my tracks.Once opening Mosaic became a non-negotiable imperative, my next undertaking was to convince my sister-in-law to join me on the adventure. If you’ve been to Mosaic, then you’ve likely met Sarah — and you know my objective was successful. I’ll save the rest of our origin story for some time over a glass of wine, should you be so interested. Here’s what I will say, though:Both Sarah and I are endlessly grateful for all the illogical decisions that led us to exactly where we are today. Mosaic has been a gift more extraordinary than we could ever have imagined — even through all the trials and tribulations.Our staff is our family. Most of our employees have been with us since the start. It´s been a tremendous reward to grow alongside each of them over the past four years. The same is true of our providers. We source as many ingredients from local artisans as possible, and it’s been a privilege to get to know these wonderful families over the many years. (If you haven’t tried David’s homemade bread or Deiner’s hand-picked coffee or Kattia’s Swiss-inspired cheeses, put these goodies at the top of your to-taste list.)Last but not least, and perhaps at the risk of sounding cliché, there’s you, too — our incredible community. We’ve forged beautiful friendships and lasting connections with many of you. Thank you for your long-standing support and for always making Uvita feel like home. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we don’t take that lightly. Again, thank you.If you haven’t yet made your way to Mosaic, it would be our great pleasure to welcome you. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the Mosaic experience with you soon! WINE BAR & SUSHIAUTHOR: CASEY SIEMASKO

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CASA DE LUZ    

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28“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”If you’re thinking of buying real estate in Costa Rica,you might be feeling a lot like Dorothy when she landed in Oz: Confused. Overwhelmed. Maybe even a little surprised.Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Investing in international real estate is a smart and signicant decision. You need the correct answers from a trusted expert so that you can buy your dream property with condence and ease. First off, I want to congratulate you on your decision to embark on this new adventure!With its dramatic coastal mountains that meet endless ocean views, Costa Ballena is the home of some of the world’s most majestic scenery. Add a rewarding lifestyle and a welcoming community to the mix, and it’s hardly any wonder why Costa Ballena’s real estate market is booming. As a Tica, the boundless beauty of Costa Rica is not lost on me. I was born and raised in San Jose, but I’ve lived in Costa Ballena for the past two decades. And I can tell you, even as a local, the uninterrupted ocean views, spectacular year-round sunsets, colorful macaws, and pristine, palm-lined beaches… it never gets old. I began working in real estate 20 years ago. As a licensed broker, I’m the founder of Tropical Investments Real Estate. Our simple goal is to help people like you enhance their quality of life by achieving their real estate dreams. I’m proud to say my team brings over 40 years of experience and $50+ million in total sales. I’m even more honored by our loyal clients. They trust us with every aspect of the real estate process, from facilitating incredible purchasing opportunities to listing the most exclusive properties in our region — all responsibilities we don’t take lightly.Your peace of mind is essential. Whether you’re purchasing or selling, you need a proven real estate agent who will ensure you are both protected and successful. That’s precisely what we guarantee at Tropical Investments — and it’s why 80% of our client base are referrals and repeat customers.When you purchase real estate in Costa Ballena, you become part of the community. In other words, you become family. I’m constantly in touch with my clients, and I’m always happy to assist with any questions about navigating your new neighborhood. Whether it’s opening a local bank account, nding the right vehicle, or meeting others who share your interests and hobbies, we ensure your transition to Costa Rica is seamless. After all, you’re not just buying a property — you’re investing in a lifestyle. Discover Your Dream! Costa Rica Lifestyle + Invest With EaseAUTHOR: KAROL BARBOZA

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29Now, I invite you to take a second to imagine the following scenario:You wake up to warm sunshine glinting through your windows, the sounds of howler monkeys and macaws replacing your usual alarm. You head to your stately balcony overlooking azure waters, a steaming mug of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee in hand. A brilliant sandy beach lies just beyond your doorstep. Perhaps you’ll go for a long beach walk or read beneath a palm tree. Or maybe you plan to spend your afternoon pursuing a new hobby; whether it’s planting a tropical garden, hiking to a hidden waterfall, or immersing yourself in a new language, there’s no shortage of rewarding activities to enjoy. Whatever your dream residence and lifestyle look like, it’s available to you at a fraction of the cost of what you pay now — all a few hours ight time from the US and Canada.Given these unprecedented times, it probably comes as little surprise that relocation and international homeownership are rising. At Tropical Investments, we work with young professionals, families, early investors, and individuals looking for a high-quality vacation, retirement, or second home. And we’d love to help you, too.When it comes to purchasing real estate in a foreign country, making the right decisions can be intimidating, I’m here to support you every step of the way on this exciting, life-changing investment.If you’re ready to nd your dream property, then get in touch today. ¡I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Costa Ballena family!“Tropical Investments went way beyond the call of duty. They were professional, respectful, hard-working, and moreover, very passionate about their work.” - Joseph Francis, USA.Your Trusted South Pacic Real Estate ExpertsOUR MISSION is to provide an outstanding level of expertise in the Costa Rica real estate market to ensure our clients achieve their real estate dreams. We are dedicated to market-leading knowledge, an unwavering commitment to service, the highest ethical standards, and a driving passion for helping our clients enhance their quality of life.Our bilingual agents are proud of our 40+ years combined experience, during which we’ve completed over 150 transactions and $50M+ in sales.Get in touch today to learn more about the purchasing process or to nd your dream property!KAROL

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In less than two years, Price Auto Sales has become the favorite pre-owned car dealer amongst ex-pats. We are the rst dealership in Costa Rica to offer a “used car” warranty for 12 months, vehicles that come with full coverage insurance, nationwide roadside assistance that offers an English option, and 12- months of free maintenance. Our exclusive buy-back program offers a low-cost alternative to the high cost of renting for those who are only here four or ve months out of the year. Buy any car from us and return it within six months. As long as you take care of the vehicle, we guarantee to repurchase it for 80% of what you paid.Our Pre-Purchase option allows you to pick out your carBEFORE you arrive in Costa Rica. You are picked up in a private shuttle from SJO and brought directly to our dealership, where your car is freshly detailed with a full tank of gas and ready to drive home. Our in-house legal team will have all your title and transfer documents ready. It is literally a one-stop experience.We have our own fabrication department that can make custom metal bumpers, roof baskets, trailers, trailer hitches, bed haulers or anything you can imagine that is made of metal.Allie DemarshUVITAUVITAPRICE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP COMES TO UVITA!UVITA

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We offer a full range of accessory packages, including lighting, stereo, alarm systems, fender ares, winches, lift kits, and rustproong options.We started in 2013 as a modest repair shop in Parrita. Since our location is halfway between Jaco and Manuel Antonio with English-speaking staff, it soon became the “go-to” garage for ex-pats in the area. By January 2020, this little shop had grown to 12 bays, 14 employees, and had more business than it could handle. In April 2020, Costa Rica shut down the country, and many companies went under within months.Almost all ex-pats have horror stories about car repair shops in Costa Rica, and it was even worse when purchasing a car. The dealerships in Grecia are notorious for selling overpriced lemons to Gringos, and they get away with it because there were no other options. In 2020, we set out to change that. We went around the country, buying up cars that we repaired in-house. We made them as mechanically new as possible. We then re-sold them with a 12-month warranty. This is something no one was doing. This process made our cars a little more expensive, so it was a huge gamble. We are now selling 500 to 600 vehicles a year and growing faster than we thought possible. To keep up with demand, we have adopted the franchise model for growth, and our newest location is now in Uvita.Allie Demarsh is the proud owner of Price Auto Sales – Uvita. Her Price Auto Sales is located right off the main road, to the right of Ukinca Hostel, and across the street from the blue concrete whale. If you are new to the area or just considering a move here, stop in and say “hi” or W h a ts A p p h er a t +506-8916-1880 Buying a car in CR can be very challenging, very stressful. Not anymore. With English-speaking staff, warranties, free maintenance, roadside assistance, pre-purchase options, buy-back options, and free shuttles from the SJO, no one puts it all together like Price Auto Sales. We even accept most crypto as full payment.Our cars come with: •12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty•12-month full coverage insurance policy•12-month nationwide roadside assistance•12-month free oil changes & tire repairsAUTHOR: DOUG PRICEFREE RUST PROOFING PACKAGE WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY VEHICLE ✂COUPONUVITAFor information about our franchise opportunities, WhatsApp Doug Price at +1-614-506-6783www.PRICEAUTOSCR.comprice automotive groupPARRITA

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33Responding to observations from patients treated at Quepos Urgent Care and who mentioned that there was no emergency center here on the coast, they opened Uvita Urgent Care a few months ago.They found the ideal place at the new Vita Plaza, the same building where Mora Valdez Dentistry is located, thus forming an excellent synergy. The clinic is conveniently located at the entrance to Uvita and covers the entire Costa Ballena area. Here they offer 24/7 medical emergency services (*subject to availability of medical personnel). In addition, they provide general medical services, medical specialties, X-rays, clinical laboratory, microbiology, and Covid testing.All staff is perfectly bi-lingual, and Ivannia at the reception will kindly greet you in your language.A novelty for Costa Ballena is the modern ambulancethat can save lives. It is equipped with advanced support equipment for a safe transfer to a hospital, class A, in San José. If necessary, they can also coordinate an air ambulance.A few months ago, Dr. Rodrigo Padilla, who worked for years with the center in Quepos, moved to Uvita to manage Uvita Urgent Care.He loves living in the Uvita community; he says that the neighbors are very warm people. He is learning to surf and feels very comfortable near the beaches and in the middle of exuberant nature. “The future is in the Osa,” he adds. And as always, and even more so, he says hello with “Pura Vida,” “this is what Uvita Urgent Care is all about, which is to restore all vital energy to the body.”UVITA URGENT CARE AT THE NEW VITA PLAZAAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD

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34I recently took a ve-day virtual conference about Equine-Assisted Therapy. Many different presenters, workshops, and training videos wholly opened my eyes to a new way of looking at life. There were three major takeaways from the conference I’d like to share!The rst thing from the conference that struck me as critical to fully living is never stop moving. We’ve all gotten stagnant lately, and sometimes we need encouragement to get ourselves up and active. It’s proven that it is through movement that our bodies and minds continue to grow. When we rest, we rust!Now that Summer is upon us, it’s time to welcome family, friends and visitors from around the world to come and see this lovely place we call home. I invite you to open up these people to new experiences and take them to places where there is something to learn about our extraordinary area. Take them on a coconut or coffee tour. Take them to a wildlife sanctuary, go for a riverboat ride, or take a kayak tour through the mangroves. Explore a waterfall, a nature reserve, or take a horse ride on the beach! There’s so much to learn from the lovely local people, and we all know how happy they are to share what they know with us. There’s something to be said for furthering our education and expanding our minds to new things! I was also super excited to be reminded of the importance of being playful, which I think we all forget as we mature. I was so grateful to be taught how vital it is to connect with our inner child! Let’s see if we can get away from being so serious. Seek and create fun, have a dance party, even by yourself! I often nd a space on a wall in my house where I can see my shadow. Next, I put on some super danceable music and do what I call “Shadow Dancing”! Get a hula hoop, play ball with your dogs, rediscover what it feels like to be lighthearted. Then, share these ideas to create an elevated level of fun with all those around you. Remember the beauty of real laughter and how contagious it is! Pura vida!Hello Summer! We Welcome You!AUTHOR: BETH SYLVER

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IIn 2007, after a long journey through many countries,I came to Uvita. A friend employed me as his assistant manager at the Whales and Dolphins Hotel (today Vista Ballena). He left after a short period, and I was suddenly in charge of personnel, reception, and accounting – with quite a small team. I labored weeks in a row without a day off and nally decided that I had not come to Costa Rica to work my “butt off” for this job. A customer offered me a position at his development company, which was a fantastic opportunity. He provided a house at the heights of Escaleras and a car, and I really liked my job. Until…, the guy suddenly disappeared with his investors´ money.What to do now? Thanks to being a member of the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of Costa Ballena, I had made plenty of acquaintances. In 2007, this Chamber and the then Minister of Tourism, Carlos Benavides, had baptized the area from Dominical, Uvita to Ojochal as Costa Ballena.At this time, there were no printed means of communication between the three villages. In Ojochal, not even phone service was functioning. Advised by the president of the Chamber, I started to edit a little brochure dedicated to the area, with interviews of pioneers, business people, and tourists. From the very start, Ballena Tales was a hit. Everybody wanted to read about his neighbor and where visitors came from.In 2008 the repercussion of the real estate crash in the United States reached Costa Ballena, and many businesses and agencies closed down. Never minding the Pura Dura Vida (our edition #5) and as an active chamber member, in 2009, we organized the rst Expo Dominical and, a year later, the rst Expo Costa Ballena. This same year the construction of the Costanera between Quepos and Dominical was concluded, opening the Costa Ballena to the “world.” More people traveled from the capital to Jaco and then along the coast to the South, and new businesses needed to be present in Ballena Tales. Our growing editorial team was telling Tales about the business owners, a minister’s visit, traditional Costa Rican Fiestas, the new police station, the asphalting of a road, an upcoming music group, the theatre show, the Lifeguards, bike races, surf competitions, nature, tours, the Envision Festival, Borucan Indians, whales, spheres and many beautiful initiatives. As well, we interviewed neighbors and visitors, making them famous for one edition. Ballena Tales became the Magazine that united the people along the coast, promoting the area to the world. Suddenly Costa Ballena was becoming a hot spot.We assisted in organizing fashion shows, covered the embellishment of Bahía when a group of lady volunteers painted the village. Ballena Tales Magazine has been collaborating with the Costa Ballena Lifeguards, Innoceana, DAWG Animal Welfare, the Animal Sanctuaries, the Chambers of Tourism and Commerce, and the Security organization.In 2012 was registered, providing Costa Ballena with even greater visibility and connectivity to the World Wide Web. Today the Magazine is integrated into the site, increasing its presence on the internet. (Alexa Ranking 221.000). We currently have more than 1,000 views daily trafc, more than 24,000 clicks, with an average CTR below 3. In 2020, Ballena Tales, as many other companies had to reinvent itself: we started publishing online every two months, as we had done from 2008. The Magazine became 100% interactive and can even show videos. Independently we publish twice a year a Costa Ballena Guide. We are a small, dedicated international team, and to all those who have accompanied us on our 13 yearlong-journey, we express our heartfelt gratitude. Thanks to your trust in us, we have grown alongside you!DAGMAR REINHARDBALLENA TALES HISTORY ~ A SUCCESS STORY!

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W LAW FIRM .UVITA •   IGLESIA DE LA COSTA - O D THRIFT STORE 

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40Marine Conservation and Education CenterWe are incredibly excited to share the newsabout our Marine Conservation and Education Cen-ter (MCEC) opening in Ojochal, Costa Rica. The building and many materials used to create the MCEC are recycled and repurposed to stay aligned with our values of sustainability. We cannot igno-re that our planet is in a pivotal moment in history. The following ten years will determine the outcome of the next 10,000, and Innoceana is dedicated to doing everything we can to make this next decade go down in history as the decade when we saved the world. The MCEC will be a perfect unity of science and commu-nity. Innoceana believes the only way to succeed is to involve the community in our work and educate those around us about the issues and how we plan to sol-ve them. To involve the community, the MCEC will: 1. Employ local artist to paint the marine-inspired muralon the exterior of the building.2. Cover the inside hallway with marine-related pain-tings or photographs from local artists.3. Collaborate with conservation NGOs in the area,offering our space and services, to achieve our commongoal.4. Create a space for school children to come and learnabout marine conservation, which is incredibly impor-tant because today’s children are our hope for tomo-rrow. At our MCEC, we will show children the wondersof the marine world by using tools like virtual realityheadsets to join us on a conservation dive and use au-dio-visual books that teach them about different ma-rine animals and the threats they are facing today.5. Sponsor two local young adults by teaching and gui-ding them through the journey to becoming a PADI Di-vemaster specialized in marine conservation. We belie-ve marine science should be accessible to all interested,instead of being a privilege only a few get to experience.The MCEC will also offer ways for the general public, even those just passing by, to get involved by beco-ming citizen scientists. Unlike any other tour operator, the MCEC will offer experiences with a purpose. For example, instead of going on a whale watching tour, we will provide something elevated; a whale monito-ring tour with hydrophones and drones to track both the sounds and identication of whales in the area. We hope this exposure sparks curiosity and love for the ocean that will stay with our guests long after they leave usAUTHOR: ALI

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      & e +(6) 8830 83 G 0  ,

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42If there is a town along Costa Ballena that genuinelydeserves to be called a tranquil spot, it is Ojochal. If you seek quiet and calm, you will nd it here. That is one of many reasons why so many foreigners, especially French Canadians and North Americans, made their new home here in this relaxed town.That does not mean that there is nothing to do; there are many places to explore while staying here. Yoga and Pilates is offered in several retreats for peace seekers. If you love going to the beach, you should visit Playa Tortuga; and as the name says, the beach is named after the turtles that nest here, mostly Lora or English Olive Ridley, although there are reports of green and leatherback turtles. During the turtle season, they come here in large numbers to lay their eggs. Near to Ojochal is another beautiful beach called Playa Ventanas; its name comes from the big openings in the rocks that the ocean shaped like a big “ventana”, the Spanish word for window.OJOCHALAn Immense Park near to the Ocean

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43If you want to discover more of this beautiful town, you can decide if to explore your surroundings or go on horseback with a guide to explore the mountains towering over the area. No matter what you choose, be sure to bring your camera to take photos of all the animals that you will detect in the impressive landscapes in the middle of exuberant nature. Perhaps you want to combine adventure with hiking while discovering wildlife, you might end up in a natural pool with pure mountain water. You could go on a hiking tour to El Pavon, an outstandingly beautiful waterfall, an example of what nature has created in this masterpiece called Costa Ballena. You can swim in the natural pool with fresh and clean mountain water. You will feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the Costa Rican jungle.After a day full of adventures, you can choose between tasty local and international restaurants. Ojochal is a town where many foreigners settled, creating an attractive “gourmet destination” in Costa Ballena. Without a doubt, you will nd food of excellent quality, delicious, and in a pleasant environment, or if you wish, a chic atmosphere.

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44Massimo Capra’s insignia is his great mustache.However, he didn’t reach his fame thanks to this notable feature. Massimo Capra is one of the most celebrated chefs in Canada, where he has been working and living since 1982. His renowned restaurant Capra’s kitchen in Mississauga, Ontario, opened in 2016 and offers innovative Italian cuisine with recipes created by Massimo himself. Besides having his own restaurant, Massimo has spent the last ten years building up licensed restaurants in places like Niagara Falls or Doha in Qatar and trained their chefs. Born in Soresina, Italy, his mother had high food quality standards, trained his palate, and planted his love for cooking. One might know the saying: “Eat to live,” while in Massimo’s opinion, Italians, and his family in particular, “live to eat.” After nishing school, Massimo studied at a trade school for three years and started his career in the kitchens of some of the nest hotels and restaurants in Italy. Eager to look for new horizons, Massimo moved to Canada at the beginning of the ‘80s and opened several authentic Italian restaurants in Toronto. Soon he became one of the most acclaimed chefs in Toronto. Following, one opportunity after another arose, having a signicant inuence on Massimo and his life. He was a host of his show Gourmet Escapes and the hit series Restaurant Makeover on the Food Network together with British chef Gordon Ramsey. He also participated as a judge in several TV shows in Canada and the United States, such as Chopped Canada, City TV Cityline, and the newly started series Wall of Chefs. Amazingly versatile, Massimo wrote two books with his best recipes; one of them received the gold award from Canadian Culinary Book Award. “When I cook, it just happens,” he says. We think it is not that simple; he denitely is a food scientist, knowing how to enhance food by working with only the best ingredients. Massimo’s requisites when he is cooking are uncomplicated yet challenging to achieve. His meals are cooked with simple ingredients and minimal spices to enhance the food and preserve the product’s natural avor. John and Janet Chantry, owners of the Alma Hotel & Bamboo Room in Ojochal, nally convinced Massimo and his wife Rosa to visit Costa Rica and meet up with their old friends and neighbors from Toronto. Together they are working on some new culinary ideas. We had a pleasant interview with Massimo at the Bamboo Room. Asking him what especially drew his attention in Ojochal, Massimo answered, “the surrounding Farmers Markets. And anytime I saw something unfamiliar, I bought it anyway. I’ll sure nd out about the way of preparation, and when I cook, it just happens.”WHEN I COOK, IT JUST HAPPENS ...AUTHOR: CHIARA KOLL

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45WHERE TO EAT OJOCHAL1.8 Km Main Road of Ojochal+506 4701 0110+506 2786 5175Mediterranean Gourmet Cuisine Mon to Sat 11:30 am - 10 pmPlaza TangaraMediterranean CuisineHomemade Ravioli, Lamb Chops+506 8729 4115French Bakery & Pastry ShopBreakfast & LunchMon to Sat 7 am - 6 pm Sun 7am - 2 pmEntrance to Ojochal Plaza Los DelfinesThurs to Tues 4 pm - 11 pmLive Music & Latin Dance on SatCalle Perezoso, 200 m south of Ojochal +506 2786 5543International CuisineSushi - Wine BarEveryday 12 m - 9 pmReserve for Dinner

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46To be a successful realtor in Costa Rica, you need to beat the top of your game in both service and knowledge of your eld. And a great realtor knows the value of sharing knowledge helpfully throughout each customer interaction.Introduction To The LocationBeyond the traditional real estate services of advertising, showing properties, negotiating, and closing, a good realtor in Costa Rica, is here to serve as an ambassador to international buyers looking to nd a better life in the tropics.Potential buyers don’t just want to see homes. They want to get to know neighborhoods, understand the different communities in the area, and be able to adequately imagine what their lives might be like in a variety of locations before they choose where they want to start looking at properties.People traveling through and thinking of moving to Costa Rica are driving past jungle walls, having no idea of the many vibrant communities they are passing en route from one tourist spot to another. Without spending time living in each community, they may be missing out on some of the less touristy but better everyday living areas in the country. A good Costa Rica realtor will be more than happy to take clients on a personalized tour of their entire region of service at no charge, answering questions along the way.Introduction To The CommunityA good realtor in Costa Rica knows that there is much more to moving to Costa Rica than purchasing a property. Our clients are entering an entirely new circle and way of life. Therefore, we ensure that this transition is as effortless as possible by introducing clients to their new neighborhood. We share local WhatsApp and Facebook groups with our clients to say hello and stay in touch with the goings-on in their neighborhoods. We help our clients set up new bank accounts, teach them how to pay bills, where to go for different services, and make recommendations on who to hire for any projects they need. Most of all, we give them someone to call whenever they need a hand. We’ve all been there and know how important it is to have someone friendly and reliable to call while nding our feet in a new place.A few of our recent testimonials“Not only is Katherine prompt, reliable, efcient, knowledgeable, and honest, but her warm and friendly personality made our home-buying experience a pleasure.” “The sale of my property with Rebecca was an easy, no-stress experience and at rocket speed! She took care of everything that mattered and went out of her way to make things easy breezy for everyone involved.”“[Marcia] explained the entire process ahead of time and also answered our numerous questions at every step. Our purchase went through without a hitch, and we are now enjoying our beautiful jungle house!”TWO THINGS A GOOD REALTOR WILL DO FOR YOUAUTHOR: ALEXANDRA LUTY

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PROPERTIES FOR SALE � •     I    • 2        I 936m2 

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-A�_ Osa Tropical Properties          

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Hello from beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica. The ReelEscape and the Reel Time were pulled out of the water at the beginning of October. Both boats were inspected from top to bottom to ensure they were in perfect condition. After painting the hulls, performing routine scheduled maintenance on the engines and generator, the boats are back in the water and ready to go. Based on the reservations on the books, we are anticipating an extremely busy high season. People all over the world are prepared to travel again and enjoy nature. If you are the type of person that enjoys animals, the ocean, and the jungle more than concrete, Drake Bay is the ideal place for you.Drake is a charming little beach town on the northern end of the world-famous Corcovado National Park. The village is wholly focused on tourism and is the ideal home base for shing, hiking, diving, bird watching, or simply relaxing in a natural setting. Our little town has everything you need for your visit with a few friendly supermarkets. The local restaurants will happily cook your fresh sh with all the sides for a very reasonable price.With fewer people shing both recreationally and commercially over the last several years, shing has been incredible lately. In fact, I have decided to call Drake the “Roostersh capital of the world.” We not only catch tons of Roosters, but we consistently catch sh over 50 lbs! I am often asked why we catch so many, and I feel it boils down to the following factors. We practice 100% catch and release and use circle hooks to minimize damage to the sh, minimal shing pressure, ideal water conditions with tons of structure and bait, and 20+ years of experience shing these waters. If you are interested in catching this beautiful, hard ghting, exotic sh, I would encourage you to book a trip.In addition to the inshore bite offshore, we are blessed to have a ton of Tuna and big pelagics like Sailsh, Marlin, Wahoo, and Mahi-Mahi. We offer all types of shing methods and offer full and half-day trips accommodating all price ranges. You don’t need any experience or equipment, just a good attitude, a camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. Any sh you wish to keep will be lleted on board and put on ice.HIGH SEASON HERE WE COME!AUTHOR: CAPTAIN WILLY ATENCIO50

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Osa Tropical Properties Costa Rica Real Estate   I I cc c iu    